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Cherry and Marmalade
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Cherry and Marmalade first got together in early 2001 when Katie (Marmalade) and Mary (Cherry) decided to participate in their middle school's talent show using "The Tupperwares" as their name. They did a comedy skit/lip syncing/dancing number with two of their classmates. But, it wasn't until a couple months later that the girls discovered their true calling: making music.

The revolution began on around April 23rd, 2001, in the library of a certain private school in Orlando, Florida. That was the fateful day when Cherry and Marmalade were inspired by a drawing by their classmate, MaiLan, had created. Somehow or another, this drawing led to the creation of their first piece: The Fruit Song. This song, written on the spur of the moment, would soon lead to a CD that would later make them rich and famous.

On May 8th, 2001, still using "The Tupperwares" as their name, the girls went to Cherry's house to record their debut album. Marmalade named it A Song With A Meaning. It contained 14 tracks of pure bliss, and after vigorously promoting their new album by performing at school dances, it sold many more copies than expected.

On Wednesday, June 20th, 2001, the girls further tried to promote the debut album by dropping off a promotional copy at XL 106.7 FM, Orlando. A few tracks from the album were played two days later, June 22nd, 2001, on The Doc and Johnny Morning Show, and the girls were interviewed by Doc and Johnny. Throughout that day, people requested The Tupperwares--it was obvious the girls were onto something good.

Immediately after the success of their first album, The Tupperwares got down to work. Whilst enjoying their summer school Personal Fitness course, they wrote a slew of new songs for their new album, as well as jingles for the Doc and Johnny Morning Show and the very famous annual Red Hot and Boom concert. Their jingles were played on the air on XL, and they were much loved. The audio quality, however, was not great, but this worked FOR the girls rather than against them, as the Doc and Johnny crew invited them to record in their extremely plush and professional recording studio.

Soon enough, it was July 3rd, and time for Red Hot and Boom. The girls met Evan and Jaron, gave them some Tupperwares fliers, and were invited by them to open for them. They also got to meet Doc and Johnny, their absolute favourite radio DJs ever. They were nice enough to sign inspirational things on the official mics. Doc wrote on Marmalade's, "We love you," and on Cherry's, "You're gonna be famous!" They had the girls sing The Fruit Song and Mary Plus Rodents Equals Disaster about a million times, and the crowd was totally pumped! They also had Cherry and Marmalade record a greeting/intro to be played before their songs, just like the kind Britney, Mandy, Christina, Jessica, and even the Spice Girls have. It went something like, "We're Cherry and Marmalade, live from Red Hot and Boom, and you're listening to The Fruit Song on XL 106.7."

After a tiring night of performing and promoting, The Tupperwares were in the car on their way home, when they had a revelation: they needed a name change! That night, they decided to refer to themselves as Cherry and Marmalade in order to avoid legal problems with those Tupperware tycoons. Since then, Cherry and Marmalade they have remained!

On July 29th, 2001, Cherry and Marmalade went out into the world with their new name and created their first movie. It was a comedic masterpiece, involving horny squirrels, truck drivers named Chuck, sexy punk boys named Chris, parkas, guitars, and prep school security guards--without a doubt, a hit! Then, on August 11th and 12th, the girls went on a band retreat to Disney World. There, they created another movie, as well as made some music biz connections with Garry of Fat Marvin, a punk band in the UK.

Things were pretty slow up until September 21st, when Cherry and Marmalade made their first appearance at their school since the talent show that past year. Armed with candy, and dressed in work shirts, Pepsi tank tops, jeans, red suspenders, and patriotic hats, the girls did a hot number to the Britney Spears Pepsi song for a mock Say What? Karaoke! contest. They were tied for third with a score of 22, but despite not being in first place, they had a great time!

On October 2nd, Marmalade made the trek to Cherry's apartment to finish up the recording of Spilled Milk: Our Rise To Fame. They had been writing and recording all summer long, and this was the final stretch! On that fateful Tuesday, they completed SM:ORTF, a 19 track album with plenty of background music, and they released it on October 8th to a handful of crazy fans.

As you can see, the road to fame has been rough, but Cherry and Marmalade have made it. Vivas Cherry y Marmalade!
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