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Hey, it's me again. Marmalade and I have been enjoying our hiatus as we do typical high school things such as:

College Applications
Shopping Without Disguises
Crash Diets

But it's moments like these that truly remind us what being a celeb is all about...

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Hey, fruit fans, wassup? Just thought I'd liven things up a bit and inform you all of the stunning new Louis Vuitton-inspired layout, updated by moi a few days ago. Since I am here, I must also update you on some secret plans for the next C&M hit. Although for the most part a well-concealed conspiracy, this next album will feature not only singing from an even more eclectic sampling of genres than in years past, but also short dramatic interpretations of excerpts from this very website--too bad none of you are reading this, because NONE of you are safe!

<3 Cherry
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Cherry Here

Hello! I uploaded the third version of the C&M website yesterday. Please take a peek:


MaiLan, our Official Friend, is also making a Cherry and Marmalade website! I cannot reveal where it is just yet, but since MaiLan isn't online and I don't think she checks her email, I'm going to give her my (un)helpful hints (needed or not khehehe) here and now. :D

+ Mebbe the image could be a little larger in width/height? I can see the top of the image on the bottom of mai page. Khehe. It's prolly bc of mai unusually high resolution tho. I think it prolly looks as intended on 800x600 compies (and most are).
+ A bitmap image es muuuy grande. :o Plus ppl on Netscape can't see it. ^^; It'd do ya good to convert that baby to a jpeg or something. :D
+ For some reason the pg is telling me to scroll down. I dunno why, khehe.

If you want me to help you wif the image editting I can. ^_^ My PSP trial dies tomorrow tho so hurry. v_v; Khehe. Now... I rilli like the site. The logo is ultra-cute! What font is that, eh? xD And I lop lop lop the whole microphone thing. And you have success with your iframe! Yay for you! Muchas gracias por donating your web design talent to a humble band like Cherry and Marmalade. :]
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Attention Fans! DESITS U[date!

Cherry and Marmalade's third full length album has been given an official working title: Double-Edged Sword in the Stone.

It's going to rock. There will be guest appearances from hot musicians like Paul Driscoll, Mike Levin, Mr. Khalsa, and Mr. Lee on the smash hit "Dating Advice," which is basically a lot of pick up lines. Other hits include "Bang This/That Cannon," "The Sparkles On My Eyes," and many more!

DESITS is scheduled for release on April 3rd, 2002. (AKA: 04.03.02! Gasp!) Since all of you claim to have no money, I want you to start saving now. You've got a good four and a half months. If you have find roughly four pennies on the ground every day until then, you will have enough to buy the CD, and even some cash left over! NO EXCUSES!


PS- Our albums have always hard catchy acronyms. See for yourself:



Bang This/That Cannon and Mr. Levin's Song

Here's a look at our next CD...either entitled Journey: The Fabric of Our Lives or Jagged Little Fruits...which ones better eh?

If only the could see,
What's inside of me,
Then they'd understand,
Catch the frisbee with your hand...

CANNON (uh, uh, uh)

I wanna get with ya (clap, clap)
After the abortion (clap, clap)
Even though you'll still be (clap, clap)
Out of porportion (clap, clap)

Thanks pals!

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Many congratulations on your first gig! I see that only Cherry and Marmalade and myself even talk about stuff. I bet would could say mean things about all the people that we know, and they'd never even notice. How cool is that? Rory is so white, he absorbs darkness and glows. Ha!
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