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Cherry Here

Hello! I uploaded the third version of the C&M website yesterday. Please take a peek:

MaiLan, our Official Friend, is also making a Cherry and Marmalade website! I cannot reveal where it is just yet, but since MaiLan isn't online and I don't think she checks her email, I'm going to give her my (un)helpful hints (needed or not khehehe) here and now. :D

+ Mebbe the image could be a little larger in width/height? I can see the top of the image on the bottom of mai page. Khehe. It's prolly bc of mai unusually high resolution tho. I think it prolly looks as intended on 800x600 compies (and most are).
+ A bitmap image es muuuy grande. :o Plus ppl on Netscape can't see it. ^^; It'd do ya good to convert that baby to a jpeg or something. :D
+ For some reason the pg is telling me to scroll down. I dunno why, khehe.

If you want me to help you wif the image editting I can. ^_^ My PSP trial dies tomorrow tho so hurry. v_v; Khehe. Now... I rilli like the site. The logo is ultra-cute! What font is that, eh? xD And I lop lop lop the whole microphone thing. And you have success with your iframe! Yay for you! Muchas gracias por donating your web design talent to a humble band like Cherry and Marmalade. :]
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